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“Rumun” or “Famed Protector” is Origin of the Family Name

Part 1 of 2 Nordic Name & Meaning of McCrummen-MacCrummen-McCrimmon-MacCrimmon What are the origins of the names MacCrummen, MacCrimmon, and variations? The origins seem to be Nordic. The Nordic words from which the names derived are “Rumun” or “Hro’mundr”, translated as “Famed Protector”.[1]  Gaelic and English uses revise “Rumun” or “Hro’mundr” primarily into Mhic Cruimein,

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McCrummen & McCrimmon Motto and Crests

The motto and crests of the Mhic Criomain – Mhic Cruimein peoples have recently been rediscovered. Long lost, the discoveries of the motto or “War Cry”  and distinct crests add important historical documentation to our family history. The recently re-discovered lost documents of Clan MacCrimmon Society, including the extensive, handwritten genealogy and history of the

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Clan MacCrimmon Genealogy

Long Lost Handwritten Records of Clan MacCrimmon Society Found. Long lost, handwritten records documenting the MacCrimmon/MacCrummen families have been recently rediscovered. The primary handwritten document, identified as the Poulter Ledger – Version 1, was originally developed in the late 1930’s by George C. B. Poulter, FSA Scot. Poulter was the official Genealogist and Honorary Secretary of the

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Colonial Era – Part 2

Early MacCrummen, MacCrimmon Families in SE North America During the late Colonial period, the Revolutionary War, and early years of the United States, there were many MacCrummen/MacCrimmon (MacC’)[1] people in the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia. Most, if not all, of these emigrants appear to have initially been part of the Scottish Highlander community in the

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