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The focus of this site is to explore the history, DNA, and genealogies of various MacCrummen and MacCrimmon families.

Mhic Criomain - Mhic Cruimein History


Ancestral Lands

The Hebrides and Highlands of Scotland appear to be our primary ancestral lands for the last 1200 years.  There are four known areas in which our family of ancestors lived. Isle of Harris, Dumbarton, Glenelg, and Skye.

On the left are the beaches of Scarista, Isle of Harris. These beaches and south Harris are the areas in which the Mhic Criomain tribe reportedly lived  about 900 to 1200 years ago. 



During the last 100 to 175 years several people have written about the MacCrummen - MacCrimmon history. Perhaps the most important works are those of George Poulter, FSA Scot conducted an extensive family search and served as the genealogist for the Clan MacCrimmon Society from 1936 through 1943.  He also described our crests and tartan in his writings. 

Additionally Ruari Halford-MacLeod has exhaustively documented Donald Ruadh MacCrummen. His 2018 manuscript The Best Piper of His Time, Lt Donald MacCrummen and the National  Academy of Pipe Music  is an excellent and complete history of this famous MacCrummen. 


DNA: Expanding Our Knowledge

Our ancestry includes many descendants of Mhic Criomain - Mhic Cruimein men and women. Starting in the mid-late 1700's many people migrated to North America and Australia. There is limited documentation about various family members, so it is natural to use science to help identify various branches.  DNA testing for our people started in 2006 and continues through a project at Family Tree DNA.

The map is the projected distribution of the male branch (YDNA)  I1 haplogroup.  The I1 YDNA haplogroup is one of the two main branches for the MacC' families.  Published by 

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