Genealogy & family history

Documented Family History & Genealogy

The Clan MacCrimmon Society was established in 1937 and was active until December 1943. During this time George Poulter was the Clan genealogist. He and others conducted extensive research including interviews and correspondence with various people in Scotland, North America, and Australia.  Poulter and the Clan MacCrimmon Society completed handwritten notes, a 30 foot long genealogy scroll, and three printed booklets.

Re-Discovered Handwritten Genealogy Notes

Prior to 1937, Poulter developed a handwritten "Genealogy and Family History" document on accounting ledger paper (abt 11" by 18"), totaling about 170  pages. The original document was first re-discovered in the mid-1970's, however its current location is unknown. Two photocopies were delivered to two different MacCrimmon families in Canada.  One of these photocopies and correspondence confirming the author and history of the document were discovered in 2016 in the files of Carol MacCrimmon Pugliese daughter of Irene MacCrimmon and the late Hugh MacCrimmon. These notes were transcribed in 2018.

Additionally Poulter and the 2nd Chief of Clan MacCrimmon Society, Malcolm Roderick Mac Crimmon, developed a 2nd version, partially typewritten, of the above document. t was donated to the Society of Genealogists of London in December 1943. This second version was reviewed and photographed in July 2018 by JB McCrummen and Andrew MacLeod, genealogist for Clan MacLeod Society.

In the spring 2019 the final comparison and integration of the two documents, the Genealogy Scroll and three booklets is nearing completion. 

30 Foot Long Genealogy Scroll

Poulter also developed a handwritten 30 foot long Genealogy Scroll of the MacC' genealogy and family history. In 1937 the original was donated by Poulter to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. It is in the care of the National Museum of Scotland. In July 2018. In the photo in the upper right (left to right) JB McCrummen, Alan McCrimmon of Scotland, & Lisa McCrummen of Seattle are next to this important genealogy document.

Three Booklets Published by Clan MacCrimmon Society

Between 1936 and 1938 George Poulter and the Clan MacCrimmon Society published three booklets. There are some important differences in the copy when comparing these booklets to the Genealogy Scroll and the two original documents noted above.