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Father. Grandfather. Family Historian.
Eclectic. Political Strategist. Futurist.
Fellow, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

McCrummen-McCrimmon Family Histories
The focus of this site is to explore the history and genealogies of various MacCrummen and MacCrimmon families. Additionally, I have been exploring DNA and genetic genealogy since 2006. 

There have been many others who have posted on  different websites, created several McCrummen or McCrimmon Family trees, and several books highlighting our heritage. Please see the Recommendations Page for some of those other resources. 

My hope is to consolidate these various sources so we can understand McCrummen and McCrimmon  histories-especially those before 1900 - and back to our probable known heritage in the Hebrides (islands of  Skye, Harris, Uist), Glenelg, and the area around Dunrobin Castle (northern Highlands).

Eclectic Life Experiences 
Farmworker, janitor, firefighter, community organizer, public policy expert, executive of non-profits and business enterprises, international IT and marketing consultant.

Born & lived in San Joaquin Valley of central California. Starting at age 13, worked as a farmworker in fruit orchards, a janitor, and as seasonal firefighter for the US Forest Service. 

After graduating college lived in Santa Barbara from 1965 through 1970, I was on the board of ACLU, elected as the Director of the 13th Congressional District for the California Democratic Council, active with the Santa Barbara Democrats, and the local anti-war community. Professionally I organized fund raising and PR campaigns for Muscular Dystrophy Associations and the Multiple Sclerosis Society – totaling several millions of dollars and more than 10,000 volunteers each year. 

In 1969-70, was active in the anti-oil movement after the disastrous oil blowout in the Santa Barbara Channel. I was honored to be the Executive Director for the first national environmental conference - to commemorate 1st year anniversary of the disastrous oil spill in the Santa Barbara Channel. 

As a member of the Board of Directors of Get Oil Out! (GOO!) I was the Keynote Speaker at 2 universities, in the Los Angeles area, on the first Earth Day, 1970. In my speeches I called for the nationalization of the oil industry and a radical change in personal behaviors. My rationale then (and now) is that public resources need to be strongly governed by the public for the public good and not for private profit. I was and still remain an advocate for decentralized economic and political systems.

As a leader (along with many others) of the anti-oil movement in Santa Barbara my focus was on government policy issues - local, state, and national. Additionally, I was focused on education about changing personal values and behaviors, including mine and those of my two young children.

As a direct result of my strong environmental beliefs, honed from anti oil movement and the first Earth Day, my wife and I with our two young children moved to Olympia, Washington in early 1971. On a 16-acre farm, we built the first 2 permitted geodesic domes in the Olympia, Washington area. I worked in the Governor’s Office (Daniel J. Evans), focusing on health, anti-poverty, and agriculture policies. 

Building on my experience in Santa Barbara and other community organizing projects, in 1974 I founded and served as Executive Director of  the Hunger Action Center, a regional non-profit focused on decentralization of agriculture and food distribution system. In Washington state the non-profit assisted local groups organize more than 25 farmers markets-most in existence 40 years later, 20 community gardens, other food self-sufficiency projects. 

Additionally, I was a national leader in the anti-hunger battles, small farmer policies, and a consultant to the National Farmworkers Organization. Other community involvement has included service as a board member for more than 50 local and 10 national organizations. In the state of Washington, I was also the original and primary strategist to successfully repeal sales tax on food as well as in the successful battle with the Washington State Grange against corporate interests wanting to take water rights away from family farms. 

Having spent over 30 years in a series of entrepreneurial ventures, early investment in Internet technology (starting in 1993), and serving as a  consultant in strategic planning & marketing in various fields and with clients ( mortgage banking, real estate, technology; Tribal governments, European firms, Fortune 100, state governments, and the White House) I have a broad range of experience North America and Europe. 

Beaver Creek Forest
In 2010 I built another home using passive solar and located on 21 acres and located about 75 miles south of Seattle. 

The acreage surrounding my home was logged in 1990, partially replanted, however it was neglected. There are steep slopes, 3 seasonal creeks, one-year round creek, with several beaver dams. I am restoring the habitat, especially removal of invasive plants and enhancing native plants/trees to increase wildlife through a diverse healthy forest as well increase carbon sequestration.

Please feel free to contact me. Please use the Contact Us Page for a secure contact email form. 


Family Genealogist & Historian.