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The following information has  been important in researching the various McCrummen – McCrimmon  histories. These authors have done exhaustive research over many years. As more information has become available through the Internet and more researchers reviewing original documents, some of the information and conclusions are now different. These differences are or will be noted in upcoming columns.

Update: Spring 2019

The primary source of genealogy and family history developed in the 1930’s by George Poulter and Clan Mac Crimmon Society is not referenced below. Recently rediscovered, the material is so significant it is noted separately on this site.

Reference Number

The reference number (RN:X) is used when needed.

Specialty Source
The articles referenced below include information about Donald Ruadh MacCrummen (b abt 1743 d 1825, London). He and family had immigrated from Skye to Anson Co, NC in 1773, where he purchased a 200 acre farm/plantation. He became a loyalist solider, fought in the Feb 1776 battle at Moore’s Creek, NC, escaped and was on the run for 2 years, arriving in Philadelphia in 1778. Captured at Yorktown, Virginia in Cornwallis’ surrender, eventually moved to Nova Scotia and later returned to Skye. He was a  Piper to MacLeod of MacLeod. 

Manuscript & Magazine Articles by Ruari Halford-MacLeod. Ruari has spent more than 30 years researching Donald Ruadh Mac Crummen. 

RN:20 The Best Piper of His Time. Lt. Donald MacCrummen and the National Academy of Pipe Music. 2018. Unpublished manuscript.

Clan MacLeod Magazine.
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North America Sources
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RN:2 Scattered Seed. Genealogical Research Data of Southeastern North Carolina. Myrtle N. Bridges. 1999. Genealogy Publishing Service. 

Please note: Based on my research, there is updated information on the parents of Alexander Wm McCrummen and his sister, Catherine McCrummen Campbell. The father was John McCrummen, not Daniel McCrimmon, as noted in Scattered Seed.

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Scottish Sources-Printed Books
RN:23 The MacCrimmon Pipers of Skye. A Tradition Under Siege. Robert Bruce Campbell. February 2003. Highland Media.

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eBooks & copyright free
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eBooks. Fees or purchase required.
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